Wedding Orchestra

Celebrate Your Special day by Hiring a Wedding Orchestra That Knows How to Get Your Party Started!

Just imagine…

You’ve exchanged your wedding vows and now it’s time to celebrate! Congratulations!

You start out slow with cocktails and a piano playing in the background. Then it’s time to move to the big hall for dinner. The wedding orchestra will introduce the wedding party with upbeat music- then kick it up a notch to bring in the Bride and Groom!

Perhaps a toast and then light dancing featuring the Michael Walters extraordinary wedding orchestra!

MWO will feature that special song you have chosen for your first dance as Husband and Wife. A magical moment that will move your family and friends to high emotion! A great wedding orchestra will do just that!

Next it’s time to say thanks and show Mom and Dad your appreciation with their special dances. One of the most emotional days in your life is your wedding. Orchestra’s like Michael Walters will make these moments unforgettable!

Professional Wedding Orchestra

We care down to the last detail, from satisfying all your requests to making their presentations electrifying. Not all wedding orchestra’s can make that boast! After all that we are just getting started. It’s all about having fun on the dance floor and sharing this time will your guests!

Everyone has their favorite songs – Sinatra swing tunes, 50’s and 60’s hits, Jazz, Motown, R&B, Disco,to the “Classics”. Michael Walters wedding orchestra will play those and much more! Simply the best live wedding entertainment!

Contemporary Wedding Orchestra

Contemporary dance music is what really gets people going and we know that.

From current top 10 hits to line dancing to Katie Perry, Black Eyed Peas to LMFAO, we are on top of it. This is what separates us from other wedding orchestra’s. We always sound fresh and exciting, driving, cutting and fun, fun, fun!

The party elevates with upbeat dance music. There is no substitution and it is important to keep this going for the remainder of the evening that is why we are one of the few wedding orchestra’s that keep it going even when they take a short break by supplying a DJ to keep the music sizzling hot.

A wedding orchestra can be sophisticated, but can also be “tight”, “sick”, “dope”, and “rockin”! You’ll be glad you choose us for one of your most important days and when the evening is over, your party will be UNFORGETTABLE.

Not all wedding orchestra’s are created equal! For an occasion as special as yours, hire the best wedding orchestra and stop worrying and start celebrating!

Michael Walters Orchestra: Great times, great music and a perfect evening!

Tools After You Book

After you book with us, we ask that you complete our comprehensive Bride & Groom Band Performance Planner. We care down to the last detail, from satisfying all your requests to making their presentations electrifying!