Name: David Kennedy
Event: Wedding
Band: Skyline
Rating: 5 Stars
Just wanted to let you know the Skyline Band did a great job at my daughter’s wedding this past Saturday. I have played in bands for many years and for our prior three weddings we hired local musicians that I have known —- we go out to support live music regularly and have been absolutely committed to having live music at the weddings for our children. When asked by friends and colleagues, I have given the advice to focus their wedding funds on those aspects of the wedding that will contribute the most to the wedding celebration—- and that having live music was one of the “critical” biggest-impact contributors. This year we had some challenges in finding local bands that were available and/or suitable for the type of event that my daughter desired, so we investigated Skyline. It was not a band I was familiar with and they are definitely a band at the higher end of most wedding budgets. I was a bit nervous hiring the group. The band was stellar in every respect and contributed to a wonderful dance-filled evening. They delivered an amazing professional experience and were easy going and pleasurable to deal with. Our guests stayed the entire evening ——- a big investment, but totally worth it! Ruben and the rest of your musicians represented you exceedingly well.